Friday, April 12, 2013

So Not True Anime Haters

"Its all Escapism" a very excellent article says "The sox winning the world series really change your life?It might make you happy and  fill you with pride, but it probable won't get your dream job or fund a trip around the world. In the same sense, watching anime can also be a very important hobby - one that shapes your world view , and makes your heart go all a- flutter -- but in the end, its a fantasy, a way to transcend the mundane rhythms of regular, boring life for a little while, and thats okay, we all need something escapist to cling to a time."                    

    This quote illustrates that some people go to Anime Conventions to escape reality, but if you haven't experienced something before and just criticized it, it won't be credible unless you experience it YOURSELF.

One can learn different things and realize that anime lovers do have a life. What the author of the article  said  about anime lovers is not true. I do respect that people  have opinions, but  for anime lovers the convention is just a hobby. 

A hobby won't shape your world view of things. There's  nothing wrong with  liking anime , and its something one can really enjoy and love. Anime lovers can be regular , ordinary every day people. Some can be doctors and read anime for fun or some can be lawyers  and read anime on their  breaks. ANIME IS FOR EVERYONE. 
The doors swing open "woossh" people hurry in one  after another,pictures hanged up from  wall to wall posters  and flyers   swinging from the leg of the stairs. In one direction there's Hello Kitty and Spiderman taking pictures with Cat Woman. Stan Lee walking through the biggest crowd of his life the hulk yelling to the top of his lungs trying to catch the eye of Stan Lee  hulk tying to  make the  floor shake " thump thump   bomb HULK SMASH"  hello kitty meowing for his autograph. Flash trying to dash to the rescue  but isn't able to which makes his power of no use. Anime lovers pushing from left  to right from left to right. Theirs no way to stop the enormous crowed from going wild but to join the crowd "WOOOOOOOOWOOOOO".

There on table to the right corner with action figures BIG to small  Medium To LARGE, all different kinds.

There was  a crowd of   people at a stand taking a look at a 1934 marvel book. There in the middle was a sqeeky clean glass box twinkling in the bright sun shining down, a man in white gloves reveals the one  and only of its kind. People taking pictures in AMAZE, EXCITEMENT  everyone in a state of shock. The crowd increases every time getting BIGGER, BIGGER. Escaping the crowed wasn't easy. It was amazing to see a one of a kind book but seeing something else would be great to. quotes" The idea of a whole bunch of adult anime fans dressed up as their favorite character makes most grown men and women's eyes roll-- or it makes them want to head down to the convention center with a camera and get their picture taken with those dressed in truly outrageous  and awesome get- ups."

What the author is saying here is that most people criticize adults who wear costumes.  While I understand where they are coming from, adults (EVERYONE) have the right to do what they want to.  You wouldn't  want someone to tell you that you look foolish about something that you might only do once and a life time...Also, in America, everyone has the right  to express  themselves. I know everyone expresses themselves in there own way that some people don't understand. But its not about what they  like and enjoy its about what  You enjoy and like. That you can stick to for the rest of your life.

 Down stairs was a star wars proformance I never seen before  it was like I was in the actual star wars ship people talking in a secrete code "gahhsmnsbhhugteeebaknsnm nshbbsj b"  which was funny and amusing . I tried the code "msnscbcbchdhdndh" but I ended up saying Im declaring war on the bathroom stall . It was the end of it all , but next year will be a different experience since I will master the art of star wars  code talking.                                                                          

 Seeing something new, herring something new, tasting something new is an amazing felling and you can learn a lot and HAVE FUN when you thought you wouldn't .

 As you can tell  enjoying  a  experience thats brand new and  you had fun with can  be your  first time  seeing all the cool and interesting people in costume  and the amazing opportunity that you had and  you will never trade anything for the world for . Many people say liking anime is Escapism but just learning and experiencing something new can better understand your learning and you can  learn things you have never learned before. 

Anime conventions are for everyone not only for people who are in love with it. Many people just want to experience something new and something that can keep someone occupied and interested. You can learn the history of the first anime, comic book made .  You can learn the writers who made the book and what kind of personality they have. You can learn how characters in the book act towards each other and the problems that they  have and how they work it out and in reality you will learn a lesson that  can shape your own life and the things you think about in every day life it can help you out in  bad situations. 

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